CSA Applications for the 2018 Season are now available! We have a limited number of shares available, so contact us ASAP if you are interested in signing up for 2018! 

To request a CSA application, write to us at  jabialasfarm@live.com. Please include your hometown and how you heard about our CSA (or who referred you), as well as if you have shopped with us at our stand before.

Please note, membership is confirmed by a welcome confirmation email from us, which you should receive within a week of mailing us your application.

2018 CSA details:

We have CSA pick-ups at the following locations: West 97th Street in Manhattan & Warwick NY (Orange County)

- Manhattan – West 97th Street between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues, NYC — Friday mornings from May – November 16 (Thanksgiving)                                                      We have 3 share sizes for our Manhattan CSA (declining Balance format):                   Small Share  — cost is $400 / Medium Share — cost is $500 / Large Share — cost is $600

- Orange County NY – Warwick pickup locationDetails coming soon! Please email us at jabialasfarm@live.com, if you are interested.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a program where the customers (CSA members) pay the farmer at the beginning of the year for a season’s worth of farm fresh vegetables.

The CSA is a special program for many reasons.  For the farmer it provides income up front when it’s needed most (when we are buying our seed and other necessities for the year).  This is especially important for a small family farm like ours!  But it is so much more than that, the CSA provides a wonderful community where the ”customer” and farmer work together to make the farm “happen”.  We plan to offer additional events for our CSA members, like farm tours, picnics and more (let us know what you want to do and we will try to accommodate!).

Why choose our CSA?

In addition to a wonderful selection of the finest and freshest vegetables around, you get us.  Your farmers, Jeff and Adina, are what set this CSA (and farm) apart from others.  You always pick up your share from Jeff &/or Adina, the farmers themselves and you get their personal attention and caring.  As the saying goes; “know your farmer, know your food”.  We believe that idea should go both ways, and it is equally important for the farmer to know the people who eat their food. We work hard to design our CSA program with our members in mind, to provide a CSA that fits their busy lives and high standards for quality and value.

For our Manhattan (West 97th Street) CSA we offer a “declining balance” type of CSA program. The way that it works is as follows: Members sign up for the CSA between January and March for the coming year, then receive a CSA share  account (sort of like a debit account) to use at our stand for any products that they want throughout the season (May through the end of November). You may shop every week or just some weeks, and may choose whatever items you like. If you miss a week, you lose nothing, if you want to buy lots some weeks and only a few things another week, that works fine too. We picked this system because it enables people with busy and complicated lives (and let’s face it, that’s all of us these days) to enjoy the CSA, because it is highly customizable, flexible and easy to use, with no stress or guilt. You decide what weeks you want to pick up your CSA shares. You decide how much you plan to get with your share size (small, medium or large share). At your pick-ups, you choose which vegetables you want, it’s all your choice! This CSA works best for people who attend our market regularly, and spend an average of $15 – $25 per week on vegetables.


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