Back to market!

Thanks to the early Spring we are able to start markets a little sooner than usual this year.  We will be back at West 97th Street this Friday, April 29th, and we don’t think the rainy weather will deter many. We have a great selection of tender Spring vegetables to chose from; radishes, lettuce, scallions, young green garlic, many different types of greens, herbs, popcorn and herb pots. The Summer Season for the Pleasantville market does not begin till May 21, but we will be there then with lots more vegetables and herb plants. See you at the market!

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Another New Season is here!

Thanks for visiting our website and blog!

CSA Applications for 2016 are currently available. Please write to us at to request an application. Please include the name of your hometown, how you heard about our CSA and if you have shopped with us at the market before.

Jeff was out doing fieldwork yesterday (leap day) and has been busy with Spring planting. Looking forward to the yummy vegetables, coming soon, it’s going to be a great season!

–Adina and Jeff


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Back to market!

After a long winter and a slow start to Spring, we are finally ready to return to market! Tomorrow, Friday May 9th will be our first day of the year at The 97th Street market in Manhattan. We have a fantastic selection of lush and beautiful potted herb plants (they make wonderful mothers day gifts). And… what our taste buds have all been waiting for, tender Spring vegetables! This week we have arugula, radishes, mustard greens, Asian greens, baby green garlic, parsley, asparagus, popcorn and a few other surprises. We will have our highly sought after free range eggs too, but you need to get to market really early for those! Come out to the market to welcome Jeff back and pick out something special for your weekend.

The Pleasantville market will open for the outdoor season on Saturday May 24th, and we will be back there on that day with a great selection.

CSA Applications are still available for both market/pick-up locations. Feel free to ask Jeff for more info at the market, or email us at

Stay tuned here through the season for updates and news, we are aiming to keep things up to date and add more info on a regular basis. We will be adding photos, news and additional content soon.

See you at the market!  — Adina & Jeff

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Winter Update

Such a snowy winter, it’s hard to believe it will ever end. But hope prevails and if you pay close attention you will find the first few signs that Spring is approaching, despite yet another day of snow. Two days in a row last week I smelled that tell-tale scent of skunk while driving to the farm, and Jeff saw his first woodchuck on the side of the road. These are just some of the animals that are beginning to emerge from their winter slumber, I guess they are ready for winter to be over as much as we are. Our seed orders are nearly complete and planting of our first seedlings is about to begin in the greenhouse. We have been busy these past months. Aside from shoveling snow, we have been wrapping up our 2013 paperwork, planning and organizing for the year to come, attending conferences and meetings, and working on many other “off-season” farm projects.

CSA Applications are now available for the 2014 Season. Write to us at to request an application if you are interested in joining. Check out our CSA page to learn more about the program, and feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and warm. We will try to write again soon—


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Rain, rain, go away!

The news at the farm is all about the rain. And we have had enough of it for sure. The fields are soaked, saturated and pooling. We put out every effort today, picking and washing in the pouring rain. What was not hurt is looking great. Lettuce likes a lot of rain and it is some of the most perfect lettuce I have ever seen or tasted.

Rounding out our selections for this week are lettuce, carrots, beets, radishes and turnips, daikon, garlic and garlic scapes, spinach, kale, chard, cilantro, dill and many other herbs, plus Spring’s sweetheart — peas! I’m sure there are a few other things that I am forgetting in my exhaustion.

Be sure to come out and fill your baskets, we will see you at 97th Street on Friday and in Pleasantville on Saturday — rain or shine (hoping it’s shine for everyone’s sake!). Be sure to ask about the dill dip/dressing we ate all week long. It was great as a dip for carrots and sugar snap peas, and then in our chicken sandwiches with lots of salad, or as a dressing for the salad. 

See you at the market!

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Spinach is here!

So many favorites ready this week, its going to be hard to choose what to buy at the market tomorrow. After a long and busy week of planting and picking I am too tired for a long post with photos tonight. Our crops are coming along beautifully, after a few cold nights (around 30 degrees) earlier in the week we are pretty certain that we wont be seeing frost again till around October! We are putting in a weather request that includes a good dose of rain (soon please) and lots more of this pretty sun! So much beautiful stuff going to 97th Street Maket tomorrow, here is some of what we will have this week, in no particular order…

lots of beautiful tender spring spinach, red and green leaf lettuce, rhubarb, gorgeous herb plants, fresh free range eggs, Red Russian and Tuscan kale, Asian greens, cilantro, white spring onions (aka scallions), tender and mild purple mustard, turnips and more!

We are looking forward to the start of the Pleasantville market next Saturday.

Contact us if you are intersted in signing up for our CSA program (pick-ups available at 97th Street in NYC and in Pleasantville, Westchester County), our sign up deadline is June 1st. CSA membership is a great way to support a farm that you care about, membership dollars help the farm tremendously.

See you at the market, Adina & Jeff

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Greens all over the place

This week’s rain has been much welcomed. We are still in the thick of the Spring planting and the newly sowed seeds and young plants needed this rain. This week we have even more greens for the market, so be sure to stop by and see us at 97th Street on Friday morning, rain or shine! Dont forget to pick up some great ingredients for a Mothers Day meal this weekend. What Mother doesn’t love a gift of a home cooked meal with J&A Farm fresh vegetables! Happy Mothers Day to you all — 


Just picked! Choy, Turnips and Kale

Just picked! Choy, Turnips and Kale

Available this week at the market (W. 97 St NYC, Friday morning):

free range eggs


potted herb plants: Oregano, Sage, Thyme, Mint, Parsley, Basil and more

fresh cut herbs: cilantro, mint, and more

A bevy of Choy varieties

Tender young Japanese Turnips with Greens

Purple Mustard

Early Green Garlic


Kale: Red Russian and Tuscan

Red Leaf Lettuce

and more…  

CSA SHARES ARE STILL AVAILABLE! email to request an application. Applications must be received by Saturday June first.  

See you at the market,

Jeff & Adina

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Busy getting ready for market

We have been very busy at the farm this spring. It has been a lot of fun getting the greenhouse and high tunnels filled up with vegetables and young plants. Even though the spring weather was slow to arrive, overall the weather has been pretty favorable. The past few weeks have been filled with good days of preparing the fields for planting and filling them up with rows of spring vegetables like onions, peas, spinach, radishes, lettuce, numerous types of greens and more. There are neat rows of green coming up everywhere and its quite a sight to see! So now we are excited to be getting ready to return to market!

Although the 97th Street market goes year round, we have not been there since before Thanksgiving and are very much looking forward to returning next week. Be sure to come out early to see us on our 1st day back, April 26th! We will have popcorn, radishes, arugula and some other greens, plus beautiful herb plants and some special surprises too. No, I’m not going to tell you what the special surprises are, you will have to come out and see for yourself!

Opening day in Pleasantville is May 25th (Memorial day weekend).

And yes, we still have CSA shares available, but if you want to sign up you had better hurry, shares are going fast and applications must be in by June 1st (unless they are sold out before then). Email us at to request an application.

Can’t wait to see you at the market !

assorted herbs April 2013

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